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Smile kode 86/94 as a beginner board ?!

this is the deal: im thinking of getting a 2009/10 starboard kode 86 or 94 for next summer in a few months and i'm wondering if my brother will be able 2 use is as a beginner board. he's 26 kilos and 9 years old.when i'm getting my board and rig, he might get a 1.5 sail. i know the kode is a more advanced board but because of his small weight, i think he'll be able 2 use it as his beginner board. he has very little expierience, and i'm also wondering if he can use an iDO on it. just asking, cos it's such a small sail... anyway, if you have any suggestions on a rig or want more info, check out my other thread/post "which board and rig?" which should be below this one
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