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It depends. i'm no expert at wind speed, but a 5.5 sail will only be good in strong wind... the 10-15 mph wind should be enough to plane with a bigger sail... a 5.5 is a beginner sail and if you want you can get a sail (freeride or something) about 7sq m... if you want more, though i wouldn't go bigger than a 9 at your skill level. Try using it a bit more (are you sheeting in enough?) and improve your technique, THEN get a bigger sail. if you want, try to find one with the same size mast, though that's probabally easier said than done ^^. you will probabally have 2 change the boom though... and if you want you can sell the other sail afterwards ps. if so, how much will you sell it for? i'm thinking of getting a sail around that size...
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