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Del Carpenter
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I have an XS Speed windsurfing catamaran from the late 1980's. I bet the additional waterline length of the Starboard Cat will run circles around the XS Speed especially in low to moderate wind. (The XS Speed is about 9 ft 6 inches long and 40 inches wide, about like the original Start.)

I emailed a link to the Starboard Cat videos to a windsurfing friend with two young children. His comment: "When I saw the picture I had doubts. After seeing the video I think it's GREAT!"

I think Starboard's Cat will be expensive as windsurfer, but competitive in cost compared with a Sunfish or a Laser or a Hobie of any size. And it will be vastly more fun for the pilot and the "crew" than those small sailboats.

The pictures & video make me think the Starboard cat will require a trailer. That is a new marketing and design issue for Starboard. Ultimately a successful Starboard Cat will be another dilution of company focus. But I think windsurfing will benefit from a successful Starboard Cat as more people learn most of the sailing aspects of windsurfing before they have to tackle the balance aspects.
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