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Default Should beginner get hi-carbon mast?

Hi, I posted in free forum the other day, was considering purchase of used Rio M.

Yesterday I made the decision and bought the board Now I am excited to get started building my skills (but not so happy about my deleted bank account.)

As a beginner, I am doing a lot of uphauling. 100% (cannot beach or waterstart yet). At the shop, I was feeling very poor.. so tried to save some money by going w/ cheaper mast. It is Bic 30% carbon 430 w/ 6.0 sail, aluminum boom. Yesterday out on the water it felt VERY heavy during uphauling. Much heavier than my prior experiences w/ rental rigs (and smaller sails).

So here is my question: should a beginner spend the money and get a better mast (50% or higher)? If so, what % carbonmast is best value-for-money?

Yesterday I thought "no", it is only a luxury. Today I am wondering "yes"? Will hi-carbon mast make big difference in terms of uphauling/strain on lower back? Also, once in upright position, will hi-carbon mast be easier to steer, or same as lo-carbon?

I figure I can go back to the shop where purchased and return/upgrade to better mast if necessary.

In lieu of hi-carbon mast, will "easy uphaul" system be a cheap fix?

Thanks -
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