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Roger, thanks for the feedback. It's good to know that my setup is in fact "heavy", and I am not just an uphaul weakling...

A few more questions:

1. You mentioned using a bar of soap on the "ferrule". Is this the top cap of the sail? If so, I am guesing soap just helps the ferrule slip on-off easier and less likely to scratch the top of the mast?

2. You mentioned wrapping electrical tape around the mast joint. What is the purpose of prevent sand from entering the joint while rigging? Is this something you do even if you are breaking down the mast at the end of every session?

3. So if I am going to upgrade to a higher-carbon mast, does it make sense to go w/ a "skinny" mast? From reading on other forums, a lot of ppl comment that a skinny feels better while gripping the mast. (As a beginner, I will be gripping it quite a bit...) Also, is a skinny "stronger", ie thicker sidewalls. If so, what is the downside of a skinny?

Thanks again for the education ---
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