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obviously not roger here ...

1. why does sailing and windsurfing have so many terms :-) "ferrule". is the piece that goes from the bottom piece inside the top piece of the mast

2. people join mast with tape to stop sand and to keep mast together when de-rigging.

3. just last weekend i was informed that skinny masts are MUCH more durable that regular SRS - whoda thunk ?

actually the reason i am chirping in is: i started on a very small budget !! and used old "crap" for years. {AND 30% carbon is NOT crap} i still use an epoxy mast on my old simmer 6-oh. the question is - how much uphauling are you doing ? when i fall in , i try to fall with the sail and usually means placed to go - so, i get out quick n uphaul n go. i even do this with 8.5 and 10-oh. okay my masts are now 90 % and 100% carbon, butt that was NOT always the case. i used the difficulty of uphauling as a way to ensure i did NOT fall in :-) i am learning waterstarts after 2 years on shortboards, butt in a typical session i uphaul usually less than 5 times. most people fall in when turning about - tacking or jibing/gybing. thus i mastered the tack - the easier of the two(2).

in other words - yes, more carbon may be lighter, but NOT necessary to start with. i HAD to wait and did. now even my boom is carbon :-)
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