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The cat looks intriguing, but I think the product which really seems interesting is the Gemini.

The Gemini is a product I would consider buying once I have a family and small kids. With just the mainsail attached, the Gemini forward deck looks large enough to accomodate two small children, or one child and a dog as passengers. (Or even a reluctant wife ).

Once the child gets old enough, you could fit it w/ a baby sail just to get the child more involved (sort of like those parent-child bikes where the kid turns a set of pedals that are not really attached to the chain.). Then eventaully it can be fitted w/ a trainer sail/iDo. And most importantly, it is car-toppable -- whereas it looks like the Cat would not be.

The Cat to me looks like something to be sold to resorts, or perhaps customers who are lucky enough to live full-time on a lake or bay. Anyways, kudos to Starboard for their continuing innovation.
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