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Originally Posted by MOP View Post
will enigma work well on ncx pro 6,5 and gator 5,5?
I cant see this mast as recommended or compatible for these sails

My local shop doesn´t have red line sdm 430 and I cant decide wether I should choose blue line 430 sdm or enigma 430 for these two sails

which is the best choice?
MOP & Rémi,

Sorry guys but I think you've got it wrongly sorted out. Watch out for vastly different mast requirement between these 2 sails...!!! :

1) NCX Pro 6.5 m2 sail requires a 430 SDM mast ! RedLine 430 cm SDM is the recommended mast; alternatively, the BlueLine 430cm SDM is compatible. Another alternative is either a RedLine 460 cm SDM or a BlueLine 460 cm SDM mast.

2) Gator 5.5 m2 sail requires a 430 cm RDM mast ! RedLine 430 RDM is the recommend mast. Alternatively, a 460 cm RDM mast may fit from a manufacturer other than Severne. There are no BlueLine 430 or 460 cm RDM masts available.

The reason why each sail requires a different mast diameter is simple : NCX Pro 6.5 m2 is a freerace sail in which a SDM mast will provide more stability in the sail's draft and body while being under load. By contrast, the Gator 5.5 m2 requires a sturdier RDM mast, mainly to sustain the wave and freemove designed program and usage.

Cheers !


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