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Default Upgrading IS 101 v new 97

Hi Guys

I am an 85kg advanced sailor sailing here in Western Australia. I have 2009/10 IS 86 and 121 plus a 2008 101. I am using new Reflexs 7.8, 7.0 and 6.2 and CR 9.0 for the season.

I would like to upgrade the 101 to perhaps a new 97 to fit in my quiver as a medium wind board (for me ~17-22 knots). Would this be the right choice?

Would it be possible to cover most slalom conditions here with only 2 boards? The 86 is an essential board for 25+knots here but could i combine the other two into 1 that would work with the sail range in question? What would consider to be a good 3 board quiver for these conditions and sail range?

Appreciate any feedback.


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