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You will be sailing in 7-12 knots? I had Carve 122 year 2007 and it was a great board to learn everything, from footstraps, planing, jibes... I assume 2010 Carves are just as good as 2007, prob even better.

Carve is a great board for learning or just freeriding. Once I learned how to plane in footstraps I moved them to outer position and I went just as fast as my friend on Tabou Manta (Salom board, something like iSonic). Now I sold Carve and getting Futura since its faster and better looking (wood )

Since you will be using board in lightwind and you dont know how to use footstraps yet I would suggest getting Carve 121, possible with noseprotector since you will do couple of hammers while learning footstraps and harness

If you pefer futura, get it. Just dont get iSonic
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