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Default Formula Experience + Severne Overdrive

Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Camilo,

Their is no Sverne Overdrive 2011 on the market yet, so I suppose you mean 2009 vs 2010 sail.

530 & 540 are the same mast but the 530 have the advantage to be use on the 11 & 9.7.

The 2010 Overdrive can be trim more easily compare to the 2009 due to his new cams.

All the best
Thanks for your answer Remi.

I'm from Chile (sorry for my english).
I'm new in Formula Experience, and i would like to know if the 2010 has any feature in performance that is better than the 2009 Severne Overdrive.
To sailing with 10 knots conditions. I weight 80 kgs.
The local distribiutor is offering me both models, but the mast 530, necessary to rig the 9.7 it will not available until november. In the meantime they will lend me a Neilpryde X6 mast in 520 cm. Is it compatible?
That's all Remi.
Thanks again.
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