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Hi Romas,
Not sure I understand where your figures came from?
Masts weigh as little as 1.7 Kg. (430 75% mast) to over 4 Kg. (Most 30% and 15% masts plus the
aluminum and epoxy fiberglass masts do not even specify how much they weigh.
Booms weigh (carbon- 1.08 Kg - > 3.0 Kg.
Sails weigh 4.0-> 6.6 KG.
Remember, you don't uphaul from the top of the mast, and shorter people get even further on the
"wrong end of the lever" so 0.5 Kg can make a huge difference.
When I last raced in Thailand, at a Formula Experience event, all masts had to be <75% carbon content.
I could hardly get a 75% carbon 490 cm mast out of the water. I've been doing this a long time and have
grown used to 100% carbon content in masts > 460 cm.
The FE technical guy from Belguim was weighing competitors > 75% masts and putting LEAD
foil sheets in the top of the mast. Now that was heavy.
Every ounce of lead was multiplied by 17-18 feet with the uphaul being in the 4-6 foot level.
So, you may not notice the 0.5 kg. difference, but I can assure you that smaller sailors (women, kids
especially) simply cannot deal with a mast that's 0.5 Kg. heavier and will give up the sport before they injure their back and leg muscles.
Having taught a couple of 1000 (i.e. 2000 +) newby beginner sailors I can tell you that light weight is absolutely the right way to go for beginners and advancing sailors.
The Retro Ripper rigs I use weigh less than half what an equivalent size (2.5/3.3/4.2/5.0) adult rig weighs and this is super important to the student success rates. The Retro Rippers also have more power sixe for size than equivalent size wave and freeride rigs.

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