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Tabou rocked is the same class as Starboard Carve. Carve is the kind of board you can use later on, when you learn everything. check at boardseeker, they made 120l freeride board test.

Price depends where are you from. Here where I am you can get last year model (new) for about 850-1100, depens on model and construction.

With longer board it will be easyer to pull sail out of water and also tacking it will be easyer. It will be better for you...

@Prodan: fututra will be good in chop but kode will be better. You have to look at what sails you will use....
If you like wave sails more (4+ or 5+ m2 sails) and than take kode 94 or 86.
If you like speed and drive more like 6+m2 freeride/freerace (NP hellcat for instance) sails take futura 93 or 101.
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