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Witrh all due respect your argument does not make much sense.

Production of boards was originally started (successfuly) in Thailand because they coiuld manufacture both up to a standard and equally important down to a price.

Had your argument been of prime importance manufacturers wuld not have moved away from Europe in the first place.

Fair comment lots of things influence retail price but all manufacturers have these costs in common.They all have the same manufacturing cost now because Cobra is the only facility capable of producing boards to the correct standard /number/price. They have a monopoly !!!

Its becoming clear that other "manufacrurers" just cant afford the investment to compete ; thats why we are seeing board prices go up at way over any ones inflation rate. (Just look at prices of JP boards over last 5 years.(Or Cobra boards sold as JP to be more correct !!!)

Its a shame but we`ve reached point where manufacturers are simply "marketing" tools.

Starboard/JP/F2/Mistral/Fanatic are no longer manufacturers. (Admitedly some never were)
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