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BIC has a Factory in Vannes, France, where they still manufacture ASA boards (Techno Pro are made by Cobra I think). Selling prices are rather low, which shows that manufacturing in Europe can be competitive. Admittedly the range is stable and most of the R&D investment is amortized. But do we really need dozens of new shapes every year? I agree that prices have not increased so much in twenty years given the inflation. A good production board was around 1000 € in the early nineties. What increased significantly since a few years is the price of "limited", "full carbon" and the like editions. Interestingly some brands are even withdrawing standard models to keep only the LTD, Fanatic Ray/Hawk for instance. IMHO this is due to our addiction to carbon and marketing strategy more than the cost of carbon itself, which may only represent a small %. It is absolutely fair that Cobra workers get decent pay, but I wonder what the impact on selling price vs. ex works cost is. Like for many products, there are probably huge margins all along the chain.

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