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So what we are saying here then is that its perfectly OK for

A) Manufacturers to call themselves " manufacturers" when infact they are designers/marketing agencies ?

B) Its a good business model to strive for with one manufacturer responsible for 90% plus of boards built ????

There is another issue here aswell. If workers at Cobra were paid at a comaprable rate to European workers then why are they so competitive.???

Its not the case at all that boards are comparable price to 10 years ago; I accept market is led along on the carbon garden path and that cheap tough boards (Tiga/Hifly polyethylene) are no longer required (because of the maketing BS by other brands) but over lasst 5 years boards have shot up in price; with Ltd /Carbon models approaching 2000; and nobody is questioning the position manufacturers have got themselves in to; with virtually none of them capable of sourcing other builders.

Imagine what Ford would be charging for cars if there were no Vauxhall/Fiat/Nissan/Toyota/Audi/Nercedes etc etc.

Sailors are gullable and becoming niave !!!
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