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Default tacking and board width

Hi Roger,

I was wondering how much board width would help me in tacking a short board?

I have a 2005 Carve 145 liter (78 cm wide) and a 2000 103 liter F2 Ride (59 cm wide).
I'm an intermediate, (waterstart, harness, straps, working on planing through jibes). I've found that I'm a bit "scared" to go out on the 103 liter board because I can't tack it, and therefore worry about staying up wind.

I can tack my 145 liter board as well a 1991 Mistral One Design without a problem.
I posted on the other forum as I'm thinking that I should/might replace the F2 with something wider, but I'm also wondering how much of it is just me. The Futura 101 is 65.5 cm wide, the 111 is 68 cm wide, F2 is 59 cm and old style ie longer.

I'd hate to buy a FU 101 only to find that it isn't that much easier to tack than my F2.
Along the same lines, I would think the FU 111 at 10 cm wider and more volume would be much easier than the F2?

Alternatively, I might just have to work on my technique with my current boards?

thank you
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