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Hi Roger,
thanks so much for the advice. Very helpful !

Yes, 277 F2 Ride. I weigh 72 kg.

Also you are correct about how I've been tacking. Front foot always goes just in front of the mast foot, angled towards the rear of the board. Old back foot goes right next to that foot, but facing in the opposite direction. (from the Guy Cribb "twist" move).

At my weight, the 145 liter Carve is pretty forgiving...probably encouraging some bad habits

I'll definitely be trying your suggestions. One question re hand positioning. When you step over and "straddle" the mast, are your hands still on the boom or holding onto the mast? Trying to picture sliding the new back foot aft if you're holding onto the boom on the now opposite/backwind side.

Also, since you've actually sailed both the F2 Ride and the Futura 101, do you think I would notice a huge difference between the two (loaded question ?). It sounds like the Futura would do many things better, but my question was more related to someone of my level and stage. ie is the F2 Ride potentially hindering my progress...or is just a matter of time, effort and persistence and "graduating" to the Futura.

thank you
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