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Two remarks:
- I think high wind control will be better with a Futura despite some more volume
- Ultimate slalom perfomance is something you should want and be capable to get out of yourself and your board.

I decided to go for Futura wood 93 and 122 '11 with the reflex 6.2, 7.0 and 7.8 together with select slalomfins. After three sessions: 14-35 Kts using both boards and all sails my first conclusions compared to slalomboard I used before:

- passive planing is better
- easier jibing
- bigger windrange (low wind planing and high wind control)
- the Futura's really like slalomsails. 7.8 reflex with the Futura 122 works great! Also the 7.0 is nice.
- Futura 93 is very good in high winds. With the 6.2 reflex it feeled very confident sailing half wind in gusts up to 35 Kts. I could get topspeeds 37-38 Kts out of this board while I'm just a recreational speedsurfer.

I'm no pro and just speeding around with a GPS, but this kind of boards will make surfing days both longer and more enjoyable for a lot of surfers who like to go fast. I'm very happy that I took the deciscion and I didn't loose a single Kts speed;-)

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