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Hi Clark,
Not sure there are any videos of the Serenity yet.
I know that a few boards have been sold in the USA that are
Sport Tech.
I have the wood, and the guys in Dahab had the wood.
I was out the other day at Sanibel Causeway in almost zero wind, and
the Serenity continues to amaze me.
8.5 Sailworks NX slm on the Serenity Wood and I was cruising around.
Found a new "aspect" of sailing the Serenity in supr light conditions.
Never really found the current around the first spoil island to be a problem in more wind, but in < 4 knots, the current can become a huge factor very quickly.
When the current is almost as strong as the windspeed, it get&#39;s real interesting.
Hope this helps,
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