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Default RE: How to avoid "spin outs"?

Hi Roger,

I still don't have as many opportunities as I would like to get on the water. However, I think I start getting the "message". Although a number of other things (such as rig tuning to avoid unnecessary drag) may have an impact it seems to boil down to board control. Where I had the opportunity to sail more recently it was extremely gusty, wind speed ranging from ~10 kn well into the (mid) 20's and I battled with my 7 sqm sail, getting a bit better every time (better rig tuning has helped at least here - I have new sails, so another variable to get used to). This meant that I didn't have a lot of opportunities to watch the board (trying hard to stay on the aboard and some lack of confidence). Used my 129 l and 104 l boards.

Now I come more to the point. I recognised few times that the board was sort of dancing a bit, potentially allowing too much air to get under it. I also changed the straps to the outer positions while I used to use the inner ones (I focussed more on manoeuvre). The outer positions seem to have made it more difficult to control the board. I am not fully comfortable with this position when I get into what I consider as (well) overpowered conditions and struggle occasionally to quickly slip into the rear one (can't find it first time and then I struggle to stay control and have to stabilise first again). I had some good runs though where the board/fin started to howl/sing when I was on a slightly downwind course and the board control felt ok. Is this normal by the way (I think I have good qauality fins)?

Does the above (board control most important, outer strap positions can make it more difficult) make some sense or not?

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