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Originally Posted by walter 1212 View Post
Hello surfers!

Im interested to enlarge the range of my IS 111. I combine the IS 111 with CR 7,0 and CD 8,1. Is it wise to buy a smaller race sail (for example 6,2) to use IS 111 in conditions up to 30 kn. My bodyweight is 92 kg.

Thanks for your advises.

Hi Walter, I am 70Kg and the Isonic 111 is my light air board. I used it with a 6.6 and 7.3 and 8.0. It has a huge range, but for my weight when it gets down to 6.0 powered up I rather be on a smaller board. At 93Kg it is a very different story, and you could get a 6.2 and see how it works ... if it does not ... get an Is-90 and you will be set!
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