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Default isonic 2011 single board quiver


I am looking for some advice with regard to the new i-sonics.

Currently I am at 77kg, have reached what would be considered as advanced level and for the time being I am not looking to get seriously into racing. My sail quiver consists of NS X_Type 6.0, RAM F9 6.8, and I am currently bargaining for an F9 7.8.

I am just looking for a slalom board to practice and push myself, enter a few low level local contests, even freeride and cover long distances.
My cash is limited and as suggested in the headline I am looking for a one board solution at least for a year covering 14 to 25 knots.

I know what I am asking is too much but I am interested to know what would reasonably work and not what would be the best combination for max performance. Can it be the IS 107 or 117?

Some friends suggested that I should opt for a Futura 111, which seems reasonable but I wouldn't want to look into that direction since my aim is to build a slalom quiver over the next couple of years and then start entering some competitions.
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