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I sail regularly in the Bay Area, in very challenging conditions, and I noticed that any time the wind gets in 4.2 and below most Kites simply disappear. It might be simply because it is too hard and dangerous (the list of fatal or near fatal Bay Area accidents is quite staggering). Kites are bigger and bulkier, try to lift a Kite in 30 knots, after you dump it, and you are probably in for some real trouble. Try the same with a 3.7 sail and it is not such a big deal ...

Formula? the Bay Area fleet regularly beats Kites in some of the hardest conditions you can race Formula in.

Range? a lot of windsurfers around here seem to be obsessed with sailing only 5.5 or smaller ... get some modern large sail and a 100-120L board and you will discover that a windsurfer has a much wider range than a Kite ... and it floats.

Impressive? I don't know, I find the disregard for safety in the Kite community too big of an issue to leave space for much admiration ...

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