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"They jump more than us;thats what all the envy is about. !!!"

Jealous of big jumps - not true, I almost never jump (itīs true, I really donīt like it) - so Iīm not jealous of that. They sail/plane in less wind than ws, thatīs the only advantage over ws in my eyes.

But give the all the credit you want – yes, they are also friendly people – yes, where I sail we also share the water trouble free – some of my friends also kitesurf.

When I see a dangerous situation on the beach, collision, stuff out of control ect. itīs 90% of the time a kite-situation.

Just last week I saw a kite launch gone wrong. A guy tried to launce his kite, but his lines got caught in some bushes and the kite got out of control. It then flew into the power zone and dragged the poor person along, now on the ground face, down. It only stopped when the kiterīs face hit a big wooden table on the beach. Result! One broken nose and blood everywhere…!! The crazy part is, that only 20m away there where a big flat area of grass – perfect place to launch.

Anyway, the forecast promise 20-25kts all weekend – letīs hit the water 

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