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Thanks a lot, really apreciate that you take your time for my questions! Please let me ask another one..the last one. ;-)
My 76L is the wave board I used on Maui last year and will sell it soon, since I will probably go next year. When I go there I usually buy a board over there and play safe and pick enough volume to have juste one board, 76L for me is enough to schlog out and ride bigger stuff and windy day(usually go in mid oct, to mid nov). I will probably pick something 70 to 78...depend on deals.
I will twist my question a bit. Usually for EUro type of wave sailing, a good indication for an average size of board is the weight + 10, so 75 + 10 = 85L( unless you are only 50kg...there is some limit I guess), so the 86 sounds good...unless it is more like a 90L and the 82..more like 85. I prefer smaller than bigger and struggle a bit, but surf better. So my twisted question, If you will have to travel arround the world, maui, Oz, SA, France, Portugal, East Coast USA, Caberete for example, what would be your one board do it all...wave sailing is the priority (I got a freestyle board for flat water). I usually bring 5.2 and less...but my biggest sail is a 5.8 for freestyling...maybe I could put that in the equation for a onshore wave riding day, I might be tempted!! Thanks a lot again!
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