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Hmm. Not easy. I generally don't ride bigger boards for my typical euro (swedish) sailing than on Maui. In fact, hare we mostly have wind swell so you are unlikely to sail in as little wind as you do on Maui so you are less dependent on size (assuming your board is quick and effective enough).

My classic do it all boards was the EVO 70. Took a 5.3, handled 3.5 OK and could be sailed to good effect also on Maui. The only better all round board I used was the Evil Twin 70 (a real 72 liters) which extended both the light wind sloggability, the high wind control and the ability to work well in bigger Maui waves.

Now I would probably take the Quad IQ 74 but for me I suspect it is a tad too wide for Maui. My 69 (upcoming board in the Quad range) is for me not bad all round either, but a version of that with 3-4 liters more, maybe 54.5-55 cm width and a slightly less extreme rocker would probably make the best current all round wave board for me. So as you can see, I'm not a "volume man", despite being a bit of a "light wind specialist" (both on Maui and at home).

Size wise in the current range, the EVO IQ 71 at 56cms is probably the best fitting all round board for me, but I have not sailed it enough to evaluate it's all roundness... and I'm kind of hooked by the quads so...
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