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Default Light wind slalom with iS133 / CR 10.0


I currently have an iSonic 133 (2007) for light wind days. I am using it with sails:
- Code Red 8.3 (2008) with 48 cm fin
- Code Red 10.0 (2007) with 52 and 55 cm fins

In my experience there is almost no difference in early planing between the 8.3 and 10.0 for me. But the 8.3 has a far better high end, so I end up mostly using the 8.3 even on the light days.

What is your opinion, is this because I am relatively ligh weight at 70kg / 180cm? Is using such a big sail useless for me because of my weight? Or do I have some problems with my technique or setup with the 10.0?

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