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Hi again Joce,
What is yor weight?
If you like the big board/big sail combo (after using the 11.0 m2 Overdrive on your 2005 GO 170 (256 cm long x 90 cm wide with a stock Drake Race 560 cm fin)), and you decide to go with a shorter wider board, if you are < 90 Kg. you may want to look at the F-Type 148 (222 cm long x 96 cm wide, also with a Race 560 fin) as it gets lighter sailors very nearly as much in the early planing realm but gives better control in the top end speed realm, and therefore has a significantly wider overall range of use.
If you are 100 Kg. or heavier, then the F-Type 158 is for sure the way to go.
Also take a look at the larger Isonics as they are quite similar to the F-Types.
Hope this helps,
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