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There is always the occasional. I remember a day in light side/on wind and head high wave but a SICK downwind current. No way you could ride waves without planing on the way out since you would just float away downwind. But I happened to have an Aero 117 mega fast and big wave board and a 6.3 wave sail and had a lot of fun. But since that day, I don't think I've come across a single day when I would have been happier on the Aero 117 than on a 75-80 liter normal wave board

So it will in he end be about a relationship between range and all round qualities on one hand and specific performance in particular conditions on the other hand. I reckon that is you want all round qualities of any sort, you should not wander off too far in shear size.

But with one good "normal sized" all round wave board in the quiver, you always have the option of making the no 2 boards being a "specialist". If you get the sort of conditions that particular board is specialized for regularly, it might still be an awesome board.
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