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Lots of questions, sounds like your in a wee bit of a pickle trying to make your mind up.

The I86 is a great board, will be lots of fun with a 6.2 and 5.5, but you really need a race or free race sails. A wave sail wont supply enough mast foot pressure to hold it down in high wind, so forget that idea. As for jumping it, you can, but it may not last all that long.

F93 is also a great board and almost as quick as I86, will definately be a smoother ride through the chop, and easier to handle sailing in the bay. Again best suited to freerace or freeride sails.

I havent sailed the Kode86, however this will give a bit of everything and may be the way to go if your still keen to jump and keep a small wave sail.

IMHO I would go I101, I86 and grab a cheap Acid for those high wind bump and jump days.
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