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Default RE: Board for wavesailing

Hi Jo.

I have waited some days to see if any of the girls reply.

Choosing a wave board is not so easy. Can you give us some more info on where you will be using the board and what wind strenght. also wind direction in relation to the waves.

We all like to have realy small wave boards but if the conditions are not perfect we normally use larger ones. I am 60 kg and I have 3 wave boards, 95l, 75l and 55l. In a year I use the 95l the most

In September I hope to be working with Maria Andres on her wave riding and Jumping. She comes from a formula background and I know at the moment she is using the Evo 80l, which she surfs realy well. A lot of people will say this board is to big but she gets more days on the water in small waves and light winds so she can learn to be in the pocket, rather than run away from the big waves.

So once I have had some time with Maria and we have some more info from you we can try to work out the correct board for you.

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