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Default Fin for kode 112 and 5,5 sail


I just bought a kode 112 and the fin wich comes with the board is 38 cm, which seems quite big for a freestyle/freemove board. Maybe its a more of a freeride board?

I am tall and 90 kg. I have a freerideboard wich I use with a ncx 8.0 and i am thinking of using my new kode with a 6.5 ncx and gator 5,5 and maybe also my 4.7.

1. Is the 38 fin ok with my 6,5?
2. What fin and size should I buy for my gator 5.5 ?
3. and for my 4.7 if this is an option to consider with this board?

Thanks for any answers!

Regards Mop
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