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Another thing: The EVO 71 IQ might be another board to consider. A bit "in between" in the width and still really nice and compact which helps in windy stuff. I reckon this will be a very good small board for a heavier rider with a softer feeling to it compared to the Q74 and it also has this really stable feel when you put it on its rail on a long turn. My prediction (After only sailing it in lighter winds) is that it will take really well to being seriously pinned down by sail (over) power.
Hi again Ola. I have now sailed abit more with 13 cm and also with the 16 cm front fins. The 13 cm works a bit better in 4.7m2 weather, but with 5,3m2 I actually prefer the 16 cm. I wouldnt say there was a very big improvement in how well the board turns when using the 13 cm finns...

I looked at the Evo 71 measurements, and I still think its sound quite whide, especially in the tail kompared to the Kode fex. Do you have the excact specs for the quad 69? I really have problems deciding what wave board I should pick for 3.7-4.2 weather...
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