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Originally Posted by mark h View Post
Hi Adrien, hope the team don't mind me answering you

Im guessing that you were on an old wood F156 from about 8-years ago, or a newer (heavier) ASA F156 from the "Formula Experience class".

The ASA F156 was along side the Bic Techno Formula for low cost racing. Manufactures had to keep the design for 5-years to keep costs down for young racers. I opted to use a Bic Techno formula as it felt lighter and faster, but that all changed when generation 2 formula boards came out, AKA Formula 147. At the time, that board was way ahead off all other formula boards like Fanatic, AHD, Bic and MB.

The F156 was 1st generation formula, long, narrower tails. The F156 footstrap position was more inboard c/w newer boards. You will not get the pressure on your heels on F147 or newer boards.

For light wind fun (non-racing), a F147, F158, F159 or F160 can be bought very cheap. All these boards feel light under foot, stiff and easy to control. Plug in a 9m and stock fin and you will have plenty of smiles

But of course, if you come into money, the newer models will be better again.

WC will feel stiffer than wood for sure. Wood will be a bit more forgiving in choppy seas.
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your answer. Indeed I was on the wood 157, surprising that this board has a very similar weight to modern formula boards 8 years later! Good to know that the straps on newer boards are further outboard.

Were I to come into a lot of money, I not sure whether I would opt for a lighter and better jibing UltraSonic 147/ JP SLW style board or full formula....

I absolutely LOVE the pointing ability of the formula with a 70cm fin, it makes the place I sail feel so much bigger, as within a 2 runs I'm already so far upwind of my launching spot. However, if I only have my Futura 93l as a higher wind board, I will get a more complete windrange with a 147/JP SLW as they could go more comfortably 15-18knts with say a 7.5m....

Anyways, I'll stop day dreaming.

JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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