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Hi Azimuth,
Kona One is big and floaty, that's for sure, but it's not real wide.
Pretty sure she won't have any problems with the Kode 137 (kinda wide, but much shorter, and the volume is all behind the mast foot, so she may need to alter her tacking method slighty from what the guys at WorldWinds may have taught.
Nothing wrong with what they teach, but it applies to longboards more than short boards with the volume behind the mast foot.
If she has issues with the nose sinking (due to stepping too far forward of the mast foot, give me a shout here on this forum (WS School would be best) and I can provide an alternative method that really works and is probably easier.
Also might want to look at a Rio S if they have one.
Great for light winds and cruising, but would plane up real easy for a 120 lb. lady.

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