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Default Low Air and Water Temp Equipment

Hi all,

I'm sailing/studying in Vancouver at the moment and winter is starting to come along. As far as insulation goes, I currently own a NP 5000 4.3mm short arms wetsuit, though it has lost a lot of its original heat retention due to various holes. The air temperature here is at lowest around 13c for the moment, and as most of my sessions are on formula it's rare that I fall in the water.

However, I want to windsurf as much as possible through winter. How low (in air temp) would I be able to go with say, an additional neoprene 1.5mm top (longsleeve) under my wetsuit, neoprene gloves, boots and hood? (What I've noticed is that not having sleeves on my wetsuit is leading my forearms to get really cold, and as a result of vasoconstriction not much blood circulates to my hands).

Ideally I would get a drysuit but man are those things expensive!

I'd be grateful for anyone who sails/has sailed in low temperatures to give me some advice.


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