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Default RE: How to avoid "spin outs"?

Hi Roger,

I will be in Bonaire 3rd to 13th January, so will miss you. Windsurfing is not the main objective but still want to do some. I will be in Lac Bay - may be the short fins are the best training opportunity.

I am sure that the spin outs are a technique issue rather than a fin (equipment) issue. What helps I guess is largely TOW, means practicing.

Coming back to the unrelated observation from my last sailing, that the board/fin started to howl/whistle/sing (fits to the dancing) few times when I felt that I was goinf fast and reasonably controlled. Is it normal? As I mentioned earlier, I use only one of the stock fin, all other are added and as I believe of good quality (Select, GSport/Curtis). It happened this time with the 42cm JP stock fin on the 129 l board and a Select Eagle 35 on the 104 l board.

Appreciate your comments.

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