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Had my first two sessions on the 117 Wide:

- iSonic 117Wide with tectonics talon 42 and vapor 7.6 in20-24 kts

For me a high wind session but the 107 is not here yet so I had no other choice. The 117W looks small and that is exactly how it feels when sailing it! I do not have the feeling I am sailing a 80cm wide board. It planes real easy and acceleration is great! Even in these conditions, I was pretty overpowered from time to time, it was quite easy to control. When the board starts to fly you just release some fin pressure and it drops again. I did think the nose would dive in a wave once or twice but it never did.

- iSonic 117Wide with tectonics tomcat 46 and vapor 8.2 in 12-14kts

Wind dropped from time to time so really low wind. The board is easy to get going,pumping two or three times is enough. Even in these conditions the board runs high on the water without much effort. Once going it keeps going.... Seen the wind the upwind angle was still very good!

I am really happy with the board. I felt comfortable on it immediately. With some more tuning it will only get better :-D
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