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Default RE: Acid 68 - Freeride potential?

The PureAcid 68 double very nicely as a freeride board. Its very early to plane for such a small board and it also manages this without excessive sailor input (ie its easy riding). Upwind is good to for a waveboard and this hold even with the standards, fairly small fin. You can tune it for even better upwind fith a slighly larger fin, bot overall the board is not so "fin dependant".

This "high/low grip" terminology (from british, BOARDS mag, I assume) is not how I like to characterise boards (I think they mix up a few related characteristica and simplify too much). Still, the PA68 is MUCH more natural in a straighline than an EVO. You clearly feel both the fins and board working and the board has a well defined balance point. I guess this would make it a high grip design. It one of those boards you jsut stand up and sail away on and I think this characteristica will be even more pronouced at 58 than at my 69 kilos.

5.0 should be no problems at all at 58 kilos (maybe a bigger fin will be good though, especially for B&J use). For me the board started to rech its limit at 5.3, but at 10 kilos less even that should work.

Overall I think the PA 68 will do a great job for Claire. That its a bit shorter and have a more compact feel does not hurt either.
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