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Nico from Venice
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Read on magazines that cam sails are more stable and more efficient in "holes of wind"; camless are less stable and can't bear stronger winds, but have lower planing treshold than camsails.
So as we have not to use large sails in strong winds like pro's and racers, imho far better a camless sail.
Now I own a HSM Superfreak 8,0, using it on a FS 460/25 (and also now on a FS 460/30), Yes many people says it isn't a powerful sail, but I havent't noticed a big difference from previous monofilm sail. And therefore it's light ad you can bend it, crush it and place it everywhere in your car as it's made of dacron. Not a bad thing you you want to carry a large sail inside your car (with all that stuff we windsurfers have also), as I've done in my last trip from Venice, Italy to Denmark. And it's so light I can use it also with my Score 112, or in the lowest winds with my small flapper, about 150 lt.
Previous camless Yes Move SL 8,0 (full x-ply) worked well on flapper but very bad on the Score, as it was far heavier; and much more unconvenient to carry in my car. Superfreak save space for me and... save me from my girlfiend hurried with me for leaving her small room in the car...
My (different and simple) opinion, choice is your.

(under Bogų bridge (DK), not more than 12 kn I think)
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