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Default RE: Evo 74 2006 spinning out

I agree the Drake Natural fin is just SOOOO great. Not likely the problem here, at least not for the bottom turn issue. I think Ray is onto it. For me, the best way to keep the EVOs from spinning out is to setup the turn with a lot of mast foot pressure very early in the turn. I start the whole dropping in sequence by putting on some mast foot pressure and then start charging down the line. In that way you kind of settle the board onto its front rail and in this mode that board will be much more stable. Try it!

As for the pointing issue, this can actually be a fin thing. The Drake Natural 22 is actually pretty small (much smaller than the depth would indicate). Especially with 5.2, a Drake natural 23 or 24 (depending on your sailing style) will definitely give you an easier time. Both these fins will still work great in wave riding, especially if your not riding super fast conditions. If you want to stay with your current fins, you might try to move the back strap forwards. Upwind problems on the EVOs often depend on that the boards requires a lot of feel form the rider to keep it just below the spinout level. This is especially true in marginal conditions. With the back foot further forwards, you'll get less direct reactions from the board to your varying foot pressure.
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