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Default Isonic 117 Vs 117 wide

Hi I am looking to buy a 2011 Isonic and I am debating between the 117 and isonic 117 wide (carbon). From what I read the isonic 117 wide is for light sailors in light wind (I am 72 KG). I currently have 2 boards that I consider for light wind a 2010 Formula LWR and a 2009 Isonic 144, so I am looking to get an iSonic that I can use in high winds (20-25+ knots)

Wouldn't the 117 wide be too close to the 144 from a wind-range point of view? I am looking to mainly use the board for GPS speed sailing (not racing) and I typically sail on lakes where you get some chop on windy days.

Which one of the 2 boards would handle better and go faster in chop? I am looking to pair the board with a 7.2 RS Slalom MKII sail. With the new deck concave, what is the upper limit on the wind speed that either board can handle while still remaning in control. I am guessing that the 117 can handle more wind than the 117wide right?

Is the 117 harder to sail compared to the 117w?

One last thing worth mentioning is looking at the boards width in my quiver, I have the 144 at 85 cm wide and the next board down is a JP Supersport at 69 cm wide, so would a 75 cm wide board or an 80 cm wide one be a better choice here, keeping in mind that my goal is to have a board I can go faster on with more control in higher winds.

So many questions I know Thanks so much.
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