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Default RE: Acid 68 - Freeride potential?

Hi Ola,

You raise an interesting discussion regarding the Boards terminology. I subscribe to boards and have read the articles on board classification, some of it makes sense but some of it is very confused or even contradictory as I read it.

One of the problems that us "punters" have is that the only way we can gain information is from shop owners, people on the beach, magazine tests, product brochures and forums. Testing a board is great if it is possible but even that only gives an impression because of the time it takes to get used to something different, conditions etc.

The Starboard brochures give a few lines of info but it is very promotional in style rather than specific as you were in the response above.

All this is just a long winded way of getting to the suggestion that it would be great to have the designers/testers of the boards give us their thoughts on what each board is designed to achieve, good points etc. It really needs to be size specific for each range because time and time again the forum highlights differences between sizes of the same board - e.g. Evo 70 and 75 seem to be quite different in character, far more than just a nominal 5l in volume would indicate.

When the iSonics first came out Ian wrote an introductory piece on the forum to give people some understanding of what the design was about. This was excellent, as a suggestion something like this on each size of each board as a link on the site would potentially answer many of the questions, help people make the correct choice and be happier with the product.

Ola, you spend so much time, as does Ian going into real detail in response to queries - if all this was condensed into one easily accessible document I believe it would really be worth something.

The other suggestion I make is that it would be great to have the Boards discussion of wave/wave crossover concepts from a Starboard perspective. To Boards credit they are really trying to help people make sense of what is a very confusing "black art". They simply don't have the time to test every board on the market and they IMO bring their own brand bias into the picture.

All that aside, the effort you put into your responses is really top notch and much appreciated.

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