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Why do you want the 117? For speed and 20-25 knots, don't you need something smaller? The 107, 97 or 90 would seem like better choices, plus your JP is somewhat similar to the 117.

I don't know much about the differences between the 117's, but for speed and your 72kg, I would go for the iS 97 or even the iS 90.

Your 7.2 RS sail will be a little large on both the 97 and 90, but for speed in 20-25+ knots, you will do better with a 6.5. Plenty of power and much less drag.

I have an '08 iS 111 (similar to the new 107) and it is a bit large for me in 20-25 knots and I weigh 78kg. I use the board primarily for 15-20 knot winds and go to a smaller board in 20+ knots.

Just my thoughts........
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