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Default RE: Acid 68 - Freeride potential?

God suggestions Jonathan. As you know, even though many brands tro to be informative in their brochures, it stil pretty much _have_ to come down to promotion. Starboard has at least tried to be informative with the "compared to" section where different boards lines are compared to each other. To get more specific answers the customers can alsways ask questions here, and then we also have the opportunity to try to personalize the answers.

Still, I've been thinking about the kind of document you describe quite a lot. The problem is that it takes quite some time to prepare it since any time you try to be a bit more general it get difficult. It actually quite a lot easier to just answer specific questions... Adn to get designers and top riders (Scott, Kevins etc) to write is even harder. They frequently anwer questions too, but they also have other things to do... I actually talked to Fanatic shaper Sebastian Wenzel about this and he pretty much said he hated all this forum stuff. It simply took to much of the time that he need to design boards. He still chums on on the Fanatic forum, probably because he still understands this is a part of the job, but his view is perfectly understandable, I think.

As for BOARDS, I've had some discussions with them and many readers on their web, but its hard since they always assume I come in with a promotional attitude (which in a sense will be inevitable, but which is at the same time not my main intent). I also think its great that they try to find easily understandable characteristica for wave and crossover boards, but at the same time I know how hard it is and that it is very easy to over simplify.

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