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Default Which Futura Size for me?

Hi Guys, i live in Portugal, close to windsurfpoint in Lagos, Meia Praia. I have recently been windsurfing or shall i say started and now im hooked!!! SO first of all im 6ft5 and weigh round 103kg. Im quite athletic, but tall. I went down to my local windsurf store and the guy introduced me to a 2010 Futura 141L. I havent been for a test ride yet, but he assures me that this is the board for me. He reckons it will take my weight.

So my skill level is beginner, the last board ive been riding was a 175 High Fly mambo, it was ok, it did feel a little rocky, but not to bad, also im riding on a lake and the wind is not always very good, sails ive been using the 7m most of the time, i enjoy the power. Previous sails sizes 4.9, 5.5 ,6 and 7. i have not learnt foot straps yet or harness. Most wind ive been out in was about 18 + 22 knts, with 7m sail and i was ok, but only short rides in the lake.

So my questions is would this be a good board for me to start with, also is it a sinker, well with my weight??? or would it be quite stable and boyant because of the design. This is what i was recommended getting:
Starboard Futura Technora 141 2010
Severne NXC 6.5 2010
Severne White Line 460 2010
Aeron MCT 26 175

I really just want to buy the right equipment to progress now.

Thanx Guys
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