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Thanks Ken.

I was mainly thinking (looking at my quiver) in terms of width. My current boards are 65, 69 and then 85 cm wide (the 65 is a JP FSW 112). So I wanted to get something between 69 and 85. I don't prefer going to very small boards (100ish ltrs and below) because I windsurf mainly on a lake and we don't get consistent wind strength. Nothing like being on those small boards and having the wind die on you. So the 112-115 platform gets me back without suffering too much when this happens.

I thought that with the new concave design on the deck of the isonics that their wind range has increased. And that is why I was asking.

Interestingly enough that I did not get any real response from the star-board team on this. Maybe I will buy a JP instead after all :P
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