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My weight: 100kg
Boards that ive been riding: High Fly magnum 185l, High Fly Mambo 175l and High Fly matrix 149l, (the matrix felt a little wobly, but i managed, again crap wind and short rides)
Sails: High Fly free cams 4.7, 5.5 / then other sails with cams 6, 7m

Strongest wind ive been in 18 - 23knts (185l + 7m) - getting good planing feeling, kinda made me wanna go hhheeehaaa, you know feeling that im cruising)

I primarily have been riding on a lake next to ocean, my ride are quite short, so i havent had the time to learn foot straps or harness, i do have a feel for it and think iŽll be quite capable.

The lighter boards such as the 149l, ive tried but there wasnt enough wind and i felt that it was sinking with. Also the 7m sail is well to be honest to quite ancient but not modern tech either, so its quite heavy, but i manage. So for me at the moment its quite a thing of getting the correct equipment to progress with and start going for long rides in cosistent wind! Fortunately for me i stay close to Windsurfpoint, Lagos/Portugal also Martinhal/ there quite ok spots here.

When i saw the Starboard 141l 2010, just by looking at it, it looked quite stable, felt very light and is 141l, the first thing that went into my mind was the sinking experience i had with the high fly, i know that in the right wind conditions and right sail, ill be able to master this beauty! I just wanted to hear some experienced guys giving some tips on which kits to use and where to go from here. Should i really be going to something with more volume, or just go for the Futura 141l ,right size sails and then just go when thereŽs good wind!
i mean will i just sink in lets say 10 - 12 knt winds....
I have decided to go back to the windsurfpoint centre and first hire the kit for a few hours to test and see, prob makes more sense anyway!!!

Nevertheless i would appreciate some technical info, especially from guys my weight (athletic, tall , 100kg) to see what kind of ride you have, sails and what sort of winds you like to use you different kit in.

Cheers guys!!!!
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