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I think the reason you didn't get a response from Starboard was that you didn't provide the needed information that is in your last post. Now, maybe someone other than me will respond.

I understand your point about small boards and the wind dying. My iS 111 and my HiFly 105 are pretty easy to uphaul when the wind dies or I slog through a big wind shadow, that's why I don't have a smaller iS. I do have a 80 liter Tiga for the really windy days, but it is a poly board and not fast, just smooth.

At your 72 kg, you should have no problem uphauling the new iS 107 or 97. Both will float fine. The 90 would probably sink just a little.

Now the question is - should you go with one of the 117's or the iS 107 or 97? Considering your desire to use the board in winds of 20-25 knots +, I still think the iS 97 is your best bet. Both of the 117's and the 107 will be VERY large in winds over 20 knots if it is choppy. Protected water that only has small chop is doable, but in larger chop/waves, you will have trouble staying on the water and it will be very rough and pounding.

Sharing your experience will also help guide Starboard with some help. Experience? Waterstarting? % of gybes made? Carving gybes? Sail types and sizes?

Also, I have carried a GPS on all my outings for the last 4 years, trying to go as fast as I can. I have found that the biggest handicaps that keep me from going really fast (I have hit 31 knots in my 111) are a less than a perfect venue (flat water and steady winds), not enough body weight to hold a big sail in high winds, and not a small/narrow enough board when the wind gets over 25 knots.
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